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Angels of El Roi

Aaden Chen was ten years old when his parents argued for the last time, after which his father left for a business trip and never came back.  Fueled with anger towards the mother he blamed and a broken heart for the father that disappeared from his life, Aaden was drawn deeper into a life of petty crimes, influenced by a high school gang called the Robbin Hoods who controlled his every move. His last attempt to impress the Robbin Hoods went from bad to worse when the SUV he stole held a frightened five year old girl in the back seat, and the car-jacking turned kidnapping sent Aaden into a panic that nearly cost them both their lives.

Lea Rizzo is the opposite of Aaden in every way, as light is to darkness, as evil is to good.  The attraction between them was undeniable, yet left unspoken, as neither could image being a part of each others world. But their worlds collided the night Lea found herself caught in the middle of an armed robbery, with Aaden as an accomplice, forcing her to choose between abandoning and protecting the boy she loved.

Officer Jack Dalton knew them well.  He recognized the fear and pain in the eyes of the kids that filtered through the Juvenile Department of the Parkersburg Police Department because he had seen it in himself. Once a teenage runaway from an abusive stepfather, Jack resorted to a country wide crime spree to survive. When his journey ended in a small town where he found his purpose and a family to love, Jack was given a second chance at life, and has vowed to do the same for the troubled kids of Parkersburg, before it is too late. 

The Angels of El Roi is a powerful example of how God uses the strength of others to defend the helpless, and an intriguing reminder that we are not on this journey alone.  From an earthly dove to His heavenly hosts, God commands His army of angels to guide the lost and protect the powerless to accomplish His Will.

                                                                                How the story begins...

From somewhere in the heavens, the angels of El Roi observed -

“It is hard to witness the fear in someone so young,” Micah stated.

“It is indeed.  But his journey is necessary to accomplish the Will of our God

Who sees all,” Ariel responded.

Micah added, “If only the boy could realize the choices he makes affect so many.”

Ariel nodded. “He will, in time.”

Uriel joined them. “How does one know the circumstances of life will not break him?”

“One doesn’t, unless there is trust in the Plan of our God

Who strengthens him,” Ariel explained.

Uriel sighed. “Ah, the earthly journey is a tough one.”

“Yes, but when taken deep into the valley, how much more majestic the Mountain becomes,” Micah said.

“Now observe,” Ariel told them. “The journey into the valley is about to begin.”


From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind;

from His dwelling place he watches all who live on earth.

He who forms the hearts of all,

who considers everything they do.

Psalm 33:13

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